Paperless Scientific Program on Smartphones and Tablets

​MASCC 2014 Mobile web site transforms smart phones and tablets into a dedicated tool for active meeting participation – making it easy for delegates to access the essential meeting content and information they need.

Available on Apple and Android devices as well as through mobile web and regular web access, our paperless apps enable you to:

  • The updated scientific program online (live changes made);
  • Your own personal program option;
  • Access to Congress General Information;
  • View full e-Posters on your personal computer.

With MASCC 2014 Mobile web site delegates can search for the information they need. For example, sessions and presentations can be searched by day and time, venue location, topic and faculty. A host of exciting features enable delegates to ask questions during the session via the mobile app, gain access to the full congress program or even take an online exam in real-time.

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The paperless application is designed for cross platform access via laptop and mobile devices such as Smartphones, iPhone, Android etc. Access to the application is via your browser.

With the paperless application you have the option to plan your time schedule sessions and presentations that you want to attend and even set personal meetings, you can access the scheduler via the user name and password that you have received via the congress secretariat or create a user at the login page. For assistance you can contact our support at

The paperless application gives the participant the power to choose and plan and, therefore, make the most out of the conference.

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Scheduler – your itinerary planner

In preparation for the upcoming congress the improved version of the itinerary planner has each participant will receive a personal name and password via a-mail. The scheduler allows you to browse sessions, presentations or search for names and words in the title, author list or the body of the abstracts. By clicking on + icon you can add them ad remove them by clicking on - your personal itinerary. Your schedule is saved automatically in MY MASCC.

You will also be able to add personal meetings at the calendar mode.

Once you have compiled your program you can either import it into your calendar at your personal device or you can export it as PDF the scheduler can be accessed also at your personal device via the congress mobile web site.

Scheduler is a new, smart application that helps you choose, plan and optimize your congress itinerary – allowing you to make the most out of your meeting.

The Scheduler makes it easy to select and prioritize the sessions you want to attend, the presentations or posters you want to see, and the meetings with colleagues you'd like to arrange.

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E-Posters – Increase Poster Visibility

E-Poster module is the only platforms that is fully interfaced with the scientific program of the congress and the congress app.

Access to e-Posters is made easy: using a simple search engine, you can easily and quickly access the posters you want, searching by author, name, poster title or key words.

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MASCC 2014 E-Book offer delegates a convenient and enjoyable way to access congress content on the move. Available on any smart device such as Apple or Android, mobile website and via browser – the e-book enables the meeting organizer to publish content in a structured way using keyword indexing and a customized view. Delegates can add bookmarks or highlight texts. Text is searchable and can be hyperlinked, enabling readers to jump back-and-forth between chapters or the glossary. The E-Book will allow organizers to make content available for usage by participants even after the event.   

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